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Google Voice – No more free internationl SMS

I covered it earlier that Google Voice offers unlimited SMS worldwide. I think somebody in Google read our post and took the action. International SMS are not going out anymore. Google Voice is officially available in US only and you can sign up for an account only if you are  in US and you register […]

Blog Awards Pakistan on

All Pakistani bloggers know about Pakistan Blog Awards 2010. I’m happy to see a post on Nokia’s website. The post is more of a question answers session with  Adeel Hashmi, Communications Manager – Near East, Nokia. Adeel believes that the technology is playing its role and it has helped masses, especially people from lower economic group […]

Netbooks are better than Notebooks – Green Computing

We have been discussing the green-computing advantage of Laptops over the Desktop computers when it comes to power consumption. Today we’ll take the discussion one step further in our green-computing section. All of us have heard about net-books, the miniature versions of the laptops/notebook PCs. Capabilities of the Netbooks are good enough for normal use, […]

Difference between Core 2 Technology vs Core i Technology

Intel Processor Comparison – Part 12 of 16 Intel Core 2 Quad and Core 2 Duo technology have some more differences as compared to Intel’s Core i3, i5 and i7 technologies. Core 2 technology supports L2 cache while Core iX processors run Intel Smart Cache technology. Similarly, architectural change in bus architecture is also a […]