16 GB Cards are almost useless in Blackberry?

I cannot install applications on my Blackberry Curve 8310’s memory card. That has been the biggest disappointment for me since I started using this as my secondary handset. Only the media files can fill up the card. By media I mean mp3 songs, the photos I download from web or take from the 2 megapixel camera, some video recordings and if you want to view some videos copied from the PC.

I got over excited when I got this phone and I bought a 16GB micro sdhc card for it as well. And that has been a total loss ….. well till I found a great way to fill up the memory.

First of all, I found this tricky application that allows you to install the applications of your choice on the memory card. The name of the application is AERIZE card loader. This solved a bit of my problem and now I’m not worried about my phone memory filling up quickly.

But what is the best thing about this phone? Its great super bright screen is the biggest reason I love it. My earlier post here also talks about that.

Now the next question, what do I do to fully utilize the memory card and this nice screen? I convert the movies, tv shows, dramas and video pod casts to watch on this bright screen. I am planning to write a how-to on that but If you have a Blackberry, try playing a few videos on it, not the ones you recorded on its camera, because the camera itself is not so good at recording videos, but try to find some videos that are converted for playback on your phone.

A typical movie takes above 300 megabytes of memory, that puts aproximagely 3 movies in a gig. Am I talking about 40 to 50 movies in my pocket? I find that very exciting.

What do you use to fill up your blackberries? Which blackberry models are you carrying? How good the screen palays these movies? Please leave a comment while I write a how-to.

14 thoughts on “16 GB Cards are almost useless in Blackberry?

  1. Lia Munaz

    I tend to use WMP for all my multimedia needs…I have other programs that either show video/DVDs alone, or play music alone, but have been a faithful user of Window Media Player for um-teen years now, and its never failed me …until now.

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