4gb ram coming to the the smartphones in 2014

Samsung RAMThe smartphones are getting more and more powerful everyday and the requirements of the users are also increasing as the users want everything to be done on the smartphone from gaming to the office work, to fulfill the needs of the users the smartphones RAM is increasing rapidly day by day to fulfill the customers needs. 2014 has started and 4 GB RAM phones may release this year. It is really an amazing news.

Samsung this Monday announced that they have developed a 8 gigabit 1 GB low powered DDR4 memory chip. The chip offers a 1 GB on a single die and uses 20nm process. It is named as Low power double data rate 4 mobile DRAM(LPDDR4). This means that the 4 GB ram phones may be coming soon which will be a formed by combining a 8GB chip to offer one single 4 GB LPDDR4 package. The ram contains the Low Voltage Swing Terminated Logic(LVSTL) which allows data to be transferred at 3200 Mbps per pin. This speed is twice as compared to the LPDDR3 DRAM and it uses 40% of energy and achieve 50% higher performance than the DDR3 RAM chips that runs on 1.1 volts.

So get ready for the 4GB ram smartphones on which you will be able to play Videos, play games, do your office works and so many things in better and faster way. So enjoy the new year with this great news.