Android paid apps coming to Pakistan

Google just announced that the paid apps are coming to Pakistan and a number of other countries. Now developers from Pakistan and some other countries can sell their apps on Google Play store for money using Google Wallet. The list of countries includes Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, Qatar and Venezuela. Developers from these countries can sign up as paid-app-developers using their existing or new Google Play accounts from November 6th 2014. If you already have a developer account on Google Play and have linked your account with a payment mode in another country, you’ll have to make a new account to sell apps and in-app purchases from above mentioned countries.

Google brings rupees to pakistani Android DevelopersBefore today, developers from Pakistan could only distribute free of cost apps to Google Play store. More details related to this transition are coming through.

If you are a developer and are excited about this announcement, please go through the Google merchant guidelines here and be prepared for 6th November.

Let the apps-selling being!