Basit Ali’s Training

I’ve been a teacher and a student all my life, and probably will continue to be one for the rest of the years I live. But I think I should mark this to be the beginning of another chapter looking at the circumstances.

Today I dedicated this section to announce that a decent percentage of my work will be dedicated to provide technical training online. I’ve been doing that in universities and organizations but this is the time I dedicate a space for this.

Early Summer 2020 in combination with COVID-19 provide enough inspiration, time and motivation to go for it and here are a number of things I’m doing right now.

Online Technology Courses on Udemy

I’m working on a number of courses that I’ll be offering on the popular online education platform Udemy. My first course named Python programming for C++ developers is now live on already. Hope to add more course soon.

You can read more about my online course here or can signup on Udemy here.

Online Training at ITU

I have been associated with Information Technology University Lahore since 2014 and have been working both as an instructor in their regular under-graduate programs as well as conducting professional short courses.

This summer ITU is offering a variety of short courses targeting all sort of audiences. I’ll be teaching at least 4 of such courses this summer with Information Technology University as well. My courses include Game Development, Mobile apps development for Android and a couple of Python courses touching artificial intelligence and machine learning. You can find more details here about the courses I’m offering.

I’ll put the list of courses here for your convenience.

As they say if you cannot come to Lahore, Lahore can come to you with these training 🙂 . You can find more details about these courses here.

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