BlackBerry 10 – This better be good.

I’m intentionally writing this post today, BlackBerry 10 launch is just a few hours to go. BlackBerry Z10 is the first device on the given platform and there’s a fair bit of excitement around the RIM and BlackBerry neighborhoods. This has been pretty much down hill for RIM for quite some time and in my opinion this is their last chance to bounce back.

They better get this done right, and they are doing pretty much everything they can to bring back the lost glory to RIM and BlackBerry platform and devices but I’m afraid this may be too little too late. RIM has been missing back to back deadlines and eventually we reach a point where they cannot miss any more opportunities.

I’m sure RIM has been working hard to do a lot of things but here is my wish list of what RIM should do to make it right from here onwards:

* Launch at least 8 devices in 2013 positioned at different price, markets and user levels.
* Break free from networks, allow users to use BlackBerry without using BlackBerry package
* Push popular app makers to bring their apps to BlackBerry 10 ( like Skype 🙂  )
* Devise a mechanism to repel junk apps from their app store, they’ve already got quite a many out there already.
* Wake up and bite the reality, they are nowhere near the industry leaders, so they gotta grow slow and steady.
* Launch BlackBerry N10 as quickly as possible. The bigger chunk of existing BlackBerry fan club is qwerty users.

This list could get longer but it’s enough for now I guess.

In the end I wish luck to RIM and team BlackBerry and as a die hard BlackBerry fan/user/addict myself, I’d love to see RIM to do a real come back.