Get ready for useless apps flooding App World

BlackBerry App World has been quite a decent place to get apps for your phone. If you are a BlackBerry user, you know what I mean, and if you don’t, you will see the change very soon because of the two announcements, one of which came just a couple of days ago.

BlackBerry waives the registration and submission fees

Though, the site says it’s a limited time offer, which it really could be, but I can predict that it will continue to be a permanent offer. I have a reason to believe so, because App-World has been hungry for getting more content published by third party and grow the store very quickly. Moreover, the hunger is reflected in another change that came pretty much un-announced or was less visible.

BlackBerry App World accepts 0.99 and 1.99 apps now

This happened more than a month ago. Before that, the BlackBerry apps prices were restricted to be $2.99 as a minimum or Free if the vendor wants. The idea of adding smaller price slab possibility is to allow vendors to sell lesser value apps and to bring cut-throat competition causing users to pull down their app and content prices even lower than 2.99.

What Next?

On the positive side, BlackBerry App-World, with above two changes will drastically grow in next few months in terms of number of apps and themes available. The users will have a wider set of options when choosing and downloading apps.

On the down side, the users will come across more useless apps that usually don’t add any value for them. As a result they will end up wasting time and money on these apps, at least some of them will, till the app gets negative reviews to land at the bottom.

So, here we are with the change and lets watch it happening now!

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