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BlackBerry Viigo App for RSS

As I promised to keep you guys updated with the valuable BlackBerry apps, here’s another must-have application for your BlackBerry. Viigo is basically a feature rich RSS reader. You download this app for free, make an account and add your RSS feeds to it. You can read your RSS feeds anywhere and everywhere you can carry your handset.

The app comes preloaded with several interesting RSS feeds, weather feeds, score feeds and a directory of feeds and podcast to search from. If you subscribe to video or audio podcast, you can download and play media on your BlackBerry device and it works seamlessly with the native blackberry media player.

I’ve been using it for years now as it has been a very useful tool. Viigo for BlackBerry is such a useful tool that in March 2010, Research in Motion (RIM), manufacturers of BlackBerry handsets, acquired Viigo and now Viigo team is part of research in motion.

So don’t wait and go download Viigo for your BlackBerry now..

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