BlackBerry Apps that add value to your phone

I must confess, I always hated BlackBerry phones but since the day I was forced to carry one, I’m stuck with it and I cant help carrying one all the time. It’s been several years now. No matter if my company gives me a handset or not, I go buy one and I keep using it for all its wonderful features.

Today I’m starting a new series of posts that will continue in days to come. I will be introducing BlackBerry apps that you can install on your phone and can do more than what you do with it today. To start off, I will be listing down the most common apps that are used with BlackBerry phones. Here starts the list:

BlackBerry Messenger
BlackBerry MessengerIf your phone did not come with BlackBerry messenger pre-installed, install it today. This useful little app will allow you to text chat with any other BlackBerry user on planet earth totally free of cost. You can not only send text messages, you can send images, can do group chats adding more people to your conversation and can share your current status. Very useful and addictive. Download Now!

Google Talk for BlackBerry
Google Talk BlackBerryIf you use Google Talk for instant messaging, this is your companion in your pocket that will keep you online anywhere. Jus download this app and its as simple as ABC. Download Now!

Windows Live Messenger for BlackBerry
Windows Live Messenger for BlackBerryWindows live has been one of the most popular instant messaging tool on PC and now you can use it for chatting on your favorite BlackBerry phone. Download it from here.

Facebook for BlackBerry
Facebook App BlackBerryAre you addicted to Facebook? Do you carry a BlackBerry? This is the first app you should install on your phone. This app will allow you to stay updated all the time on your BlackBerry about your favorite social networking account. You can post messages, write on walls, send photos, tag them, comment on them and much more. Your BlackBerry will can even ring every time you get a notification from Facebook (but it’s totally customizable).

Twitter for BlackBerry
Twitter for BlackBerryIf you tweet a lot or follow twitter users, you should use this official Twitter app on your BlackBerry. Everything you do on Twitter website can be done on this sleek Twitter BlackBerry client. Download.

Yahoo Messenger Client
BlackBerry Yahoo MessengerYahoo came into instant messaging even before Windows Live messenger existed and if you have more friends on Yahoo Messenger, you should use this client as well. This official BlackBerry client for Yahoo Messenger is simple, lightweight and a breeze to use. Download.

All above apps are officially released by Research In Motion, manufacturers of BlackBerry phones themselves and are available for free. I think the list is enough for now but i will continue to introduce more software apps that you can install on your BlackBerry and can add value to your phone.

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