Cant say Good bye to my N82

Noka N82
Nokia n82

N82 by Nokia, just a little over two years I was so excited to receive my new handset. An amazing dual processor phone with dedicated graphics processing unit, an amazing five mega pixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens and Xenon flash…… Series 60 3rd edition and a mono block, unlike N95.

It happens that after six months, you start feeling that your phone is too old for some of the features that you’d love to use but after a couple of years in case of N82, I don’t tend let go my phone. I have always been a Nokia fan but Nokia has unfortunately been slightly quiet in past couple of years. They have not released a phone that could make me thing of switching my handset. Just as a convention, I thought I’d rather change my handset now anyways.

My eyes got glittered and deceived by the Blackberries and Androids and I decided to say farewell to my beloved Nokia N82. Now I have an android based HTC G1 as well as the top of the line BlackBerry Bold 9700. No offense with these amazing handsets, but two weeks away from my N82, I am actually handicapped due to  two main reasons.

My very ordinary looking Nokia N82 has a set of features that are still unmatched by the latest smartphones today. In addition, the wide range of software that I keep using, well at least so far, has not been available on other platforms. The problem of the software can be solved gradually as the software becomes available for the new handsets, but the feature set has no match.

The Xenon flash, that usually comes in point and shoot digital cameras only has kept me enjoying night time photography with an accompanying Carl Zeiss lens, five mega pixel camera and a great camera software to support. Even the most recent phones don’t have such flash and all of them only depend on LED based flash, if a flash at all is there.

Unmatched multi-tasking all the time on N82, chatting on favorite IM services, surfing the web using at least 4 different browsers, downloading a few torrents over wifi, listening to Mp3 music all at the same time and a few more software standing by is a normal way how I use this phone. And this doesn’t happen that great on other handsets.

Showing off the photos and videos I took over the weekend to friends and family on the TV is another great feature I miss in my beloved N82. Dont BlackBerry owners need a presentation mechanism in their business phones? Come on, you could give a TV out for heaven’s sake.

I have a feeling, I may have to come back to my Nokia N82 till another phone comes out with such great features. Thank God I haven’t sold it out yet 😉

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