Chrome Cast Thumb HDMI device for your TV


Now you can stream YouTube, Netflix and other videos right on to your TV with this amazingly small thumb device called Chromecast. But wait, haven’t we heard of such devices before?

With Kickstart’s popular Pocket TV and a number of other Android thumb sized devices that run full Android OS on them, I think this is more of a response launch from Google. Instead of buying Google TV or other smart TV hardware, people were turning towards these other low cost alternatives when Google has decided to launch Chromecast. I myself use an amazing media box by Western Digital called WD-TV that has a 1 terabyte of storage for movies and it also streams all sorts of internet media.

What is Chrome Cast

Chromecast is first Chrome branded hardware device that will connect to the HDMI port on your TV and will allow you to:

* Watch Netflix streaming media on your TV

* Watch YouTube on your TV

* Watch and listen to Google Play media

* And yes, it is a browser as well.

* Stream and watch content from your smartphones and computers over Wifi

As a twist to the features they are actually not releasing a remote control device with it. Rather you’ll be using your Android smart phone or iPhone or even your Mac or PC version of chrome to control Chromecast.

How Chromecast works

It is very simple to use Chromecast and there are 3 simple steps.

1. Connect your device to your TV or projector’s HDMI port.

2. Connect to Wifi

3. Set it up by going to

Just make sure you have one of the supported device or computer that will be needed to control Chromecast. In case you don’t have a supported device or a computer, you’ll be left out on all the action.


Why Chromecast is not for me?

I have a number of reasons Chromecast is a put off. Here goes the list:

* Chromecast has no internal storage, all media goes over WiFi.

* Chromecast has nothing else than media streaming or a browser. What if I need some android games on that?

* Chromecast has no physical remote. The ease of a dedicated remove will be missed

Why I still want Chromecast

I’ve actually ordered the device already. Why?

* It is very cheap, just $35.
* It has no match for the price and I already use Android phone.
* If I order today, I’ll get 3 months of Netflix subscription for free.
* It’s an original Google’s device so I will have a higher level of confidence in it

Enough reasons to buy it huh?

Technical Specifications

For our readers who want to peep under the hood to see what are the technical specs, here’s what this miniature device’s got inside:

* HDMI Port
* Video output at 1080p max
* Only 34g weight
* 72x35x12 mm in size
* WiFi 802.11 a/b/g
* And a USB power slot with included power adapter. Ummm yeah it needs external power?


If you want a low cost device that can project your media on your phone or computer on to your large screen TV or projector, there’s no cheaper option out there. Regardless of quite a few reservations, I’m definitely getting one.

We’ll definitely post back once we have the device in hand for a better hands on review of the device.

Here’s an official promo of the device. Enjoy!