Dance-Fabulous – N-Gage + Music (store)

Nokia has launched “Dance Fabulous”, a new-game on their N-Gage gaming platform. The game uses both N-Gage and Nokia Music Store’s services to make it happen. This is a very interesting combination. It will not only interest game enthusiasts but music and dance lovers as well and its a great idea to boost sales on both N-Gage and Nokia music stores.

The game allows you to control a character on the dance floor and with your key-press combinations, you make the dancer make the moves. This is a really cool, fun application. The great part is, that you are dancing to the rhythm of the songs that you have in your own music library. Initially I thought its a crazy game, but later I found out that its simply packed with fun.

The game is available both in the available games section within N-Gage application and the game website. But when I tried to download it, it forced me to upgrade my N-Gage software from 1.00 to 1.20. N-Gage upgrade was around 11MB of a download.

After the upgrade, I downloaded the trial game and the download was smooth as usual. The game launches and following are a few screenshots from the trial version

As I said, game is really addicting and even in demo-mode its fun big-time. See a few dance moves below 🙂

As you can see in above screen shots, the game encourages you if you are going in a rhythm and awards you with the stars and it also criticizes you if you are going wrong somewhere.

The came costs $3.99 to purchase and once you have the paid version, you have a bundle of options available as listed in the screen shots below.

When I visited the game’s website I was happy to see a free 30-day pass but the game I downloaded from there appeared to be a demo as well. Moreover, the SMS sent to my number never reached 🙁

If the free pass works for somebody, please do post your comment here.

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