Face Gestures for browsing web.

Opera 10 with Face Gestures

You may have seen this already, but I come across it now. New Opera 10 has a “Face Gestures” feature that allows you to make face gestures at your PC to control common browser commands. You can go to “Home”, go next, back, speed dial and do other stuff with this feature. Obviously you need a PC with a built in camera or an external web-cam for this feature to work. Following is a subset of the supported face gestures.

You can start by viewing this demo video below and can download the browser from this link.

3 thoughts on “Face Gestures for browsing web.

  1. Umair

    this is all but a plot by the Botox industry to cause more wrinkles on a person's face. they then get more business by injecting botox into people's faces.
    The downside is that once injected by botox, they wont be able to use face gestures again..
    ooh its such a cruel world ha ha.

  2. Umair

    so what happens when a person sneezes 🙂
    will the OS shutdown 😀

    Also, yet another reason for amusement at cafe's where people would use this.

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