Give your Blackberry a new look and feel – How to wash your Blackberry’s pearl?

It is very common for Blackberry users to experience trackball problems. Trackball is a common feature of several Blackberry models like Blackberry Bold, Curve 8900, Curve 8300 series, Pearl and 8800 series as well. Like a normal ball-based mouse on your computer, the pearl also needs cleaning to give you precise working. Moreover, the trackball gets so dirty that it looks ugly.
The ugly dirty trackball on curve 8310
I’ll show you today, how I cleaned my Blackberry’s pearl today to make it look new and work great. 
Step 1: use a pointed thing like a small flat screw-driver, a knife or just your nail to pull out the steel ring around the pearl. It will pop out easily.
Step 2: Gently remove the pearl along with the white casing holding the trackball. That leaves the phone look like this:
Step 3: I took the ball and washed it with water and soap along with my hands. No special washing tricks except, don’t drop it in the sink 🙂 . Make sure you wash away all the soap. Don’t keep the ball in water for too long.

Step 4: Wipe off the water and preferably use a hair dryer or blower to dry the pearl. No water should be left on it when you put it back in.
Step 5: Place the pearl back in the device like this:

Step-6: Place the metallic ring around the pearl and press it gently back to its original position.
Step 7: Enjoy the beautiful, clean and shining pearl of your Blackberry that works like a charm! Enjoy!
Note: Try it on your own risk. Dont blame me if you berak your device!

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