Going Stereo using Bluetooth

My music gadget, a combination of my Nokia-N82 and a stereo bluetooth head-set Nokia BH-501. Not only the music player is great but the headsets take you into the music heaven without any wires in between. This does add to your speed when you are driving with a high-beat song being played, but I’m loving every bet of it. These headsets are good looking, easy to wear, fold well when not in use and most importan, the sound is ammmmazing!! Every single tiny twitter and all the bass you can digest, it plays it all with superb competence.

Simplicity of use is another plus. Only 3 buttons, two for volume and one for the rest of the stuff. Well, at times I do miss the play/pause and skip keys, but I can always use the phone for that. Fewer controls also leave my both hands free and concentration on the road while driving.

You can use these while jogging, driving, cooking, cleaning, in bed and wherever your ears need a music refill.

Only problem about these is, I cant live without it and carrying it everywhere can be a little difficult 🙂

Well, my friend’s got a Motorolla S9 and we both agree that the sound qualities match, though I’ve been a die-hard Nokia fan so cant live without it.

And if you say its not safe driving? Well, who cares?

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