Google Chrome OS is here!

Good news friends and fellows. Google’s much awaited Chrome OS that is targetted for Netbooks is available in its early Beta now. Version 0.4.223 is available for download from Google’s site. You can either download a virtual machine or download an ISO that you can burn to a disk. Please note that if you download an ISO, you’ll have to install it on the PC and it will not run as a live disk (the way Ubuntu or other Linux flavors do).

I’m downloading the OS right now. Will post you more info as soon as I have the OS running.

So far it has been a smooth download. The download page launches a java based applet that works as a torrent client and connects to several sites to quickly download the OS. The size of the VM file is 560 megabyte. Happy downloading.

Chrome OS 0.4.223 download link

After downloading, installing and running the OS, I figured out that IT IS A FAKE CHROME OS

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