Google gives eyes and ears to mobile search

I know I’m a little late in posting this but for those who still haven’t tried them, here we go:

Eyes and Ears for your mobile web-searching experience

All of us have been using Google search and many of us do that over mobile phones as well. Recently, Google has given eyes and ears to its search service if you are using a mobile phone to search the web.

Voice based web searching
Google’s Voice based search is available on many handsets that allows users to simply say what they are searching for and Google brings the results for you. Google Voice based search is part of the Google Mobile app which runs on most of the popular handsets including iPhone, Android etc. I’ve been using the voice based  search on my Nokia N82. The voice search recognizes what you say and searches for the results accordingly. In addition to voice recognition, they use your location to optimize the searches as well. See this video to know what I’m talking about:

Image based web-searching
That’s not it guys. The cool part is yet to come. Google search has got some eyes too. I’m talking about Google Goggles. Google Goggles is an amazing app that uses image recognition, pattern matching, topped with location information to search for the things that you see through the camera of your smartphone. Simply point your camera at an object, landmark, shop or book title to get information about it. Unlike Google app, it is not available for a number of phones and is available exclusively for Android phones only.

See Google Goggles in action in this video:

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