Google wants you to teach their translation-engine!

Google’s translation page has been my favorite after altavista and other older tools when it comes to translating pages and content. This is fast easy and convenient, but the results at times are not as correct as you expect. The human factor is missing and the results are not compliant with the norms of the language you translate into. At times the message gets translated, but the feel of the sentence or paragraph is not there.

How do you add a human touch to Google translation?

Google has launched Google Translator Toolkit to add this human touch to the automated translation. The idea is necessarily same as what Facebook did for its own site translation. Ask the users out there to help translate the site. But this time, its not about translating the labels, but its translating the whole web.

How it works
1. You select an article from Wikipedia (as their preferred set of pages) or simply enter a URL (any paeg on the web.
2. Translate the page using the Google translate engine
3. Now the toolkit shows the original and translated page side by side. The human translator can edit the automated translation to make it perfect.

These changes will help Google Translator engine learn the translation norms from the Human translators. The tranlation engine will then adopt these techniques when somebody translates the article later.

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