Google’s new OS announced, and its not Android guys

A real Windows Killer is here!!

Google today announced its new operating system named Google Chrome OS. I’m sure they are putting some real effort in promoting Chrome brand and come up with some new software under the same flag soon. Google Chrome OS is an open source light-weight operating system targeted at Netbooks initially but nobody is stopping us from installing it on our desktops and laptops.

The OS will run on both x86 as well as ARM family of processors and is based no a Linux. The target of the OS is to stay lightweight, fast and easy and make lives of the computer users easier. Google announces that the OS will be available to public in second half of 2010 and we can all keep our fingers crossed

What does this mean?

  • Things have never been that good for Linux I must say.
  • Run Microsoft, Run!!!!
  • Mobile, Netbook, Notebook, Desktop, it’ll be all google in a few years
  • Google will have more control over our lives :p

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