Happy Pakistan Day

Pakistan Day, 23rd March 1940. The day when this amazing country’s freedom movement was formally started by passing the Lahore resolution. On this day, I pray that may this country prosper and progress and God bestows this land with peace and harmony.

I also appeal my fellow bloggers and every other individual that continue to post content online, that please do celebrate this important day with the same zeal and festivity that we do for the other non-national days ( take an example of Valentine’s day? ). 🙂

All my Pakistani brothers, please work hard in whatever capacity you work and wherever you are in the world. Each small achievement by any Pakistani does count towards the progress of the country.

For my foreign readers, Pakistan is a magical country not only in terms of its natural resources, geography, its history or its politics, but also in terms of its loving and talented people.

I love my country, Pakistan.

Pakistan Zindabad! (Long live Pakistan!)

8 thoughts on “Happy Pakistan Day

  1. Kamil Ali

    Basit! Glad to see your post regarding Pakistan. I liked your standpoint to work for Pakistan at any level you can.

    Many people think, that's only politician's job to think about Pakistan. I think everyone can contribute at his/her level, as per his/her "passion".

    For me, I'm a marketer. It's my obligation to improve Pakistan's image. That's why I've been doing that.

    Some months back I posted that issue on my blog. I told them the way how to do marketing for Pakistan. Even then, guess what not many people particiapted. Then after some months a marketing consultant raised this issue and posted some questions on my blog. The discussion is still going on…Let where we get ended.

    All the best

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