Box – How to add a huge drive to Windows – Unlimited storage possible

If you have not been considering cloud storage, I think it’s a bout time you should. Magnetic disks are unreliable, optical disks can go bad, tape drives can mess up but cloud storage with proper backup policies could be the best deal for your business or personal  back-ups. I have been using a few of such services personally and they are nothing less a life-saver. I’ve tried iDrive as well as Box and both are amazing services.

This post describes how can you mount Box account as a drive to your PC. After following these instructions, your Box account will be visible as a drive of your choice in your “Computer” (or My Computer).

How to mount Box as a drive on a Windows Computer

Follow the following steps to mount a drive on your computer:

Step 1: Right click on  your “Computer” and click “Map Network Drive”.

Step 2

Do not enter anything in the text box or drop-down. Simply click on the link that says “Connect to a website that you can use to store your documents or pictures” (See screenshot below)


Step 3:

Click Next on the following screen:


Step 4:

Select “Choose a custom network location”. Most computers have only one item on this screen. Select this and press “Next”.

Step 5:

Next screen will ask you for the internet or network address. Enter in the network address box and press “Next”


Step 6:

Enter your (formerly user-name and password.



You press ok and your computer will show a new network drive containing content.




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