How to build your first Unity Game – Labyrinth 3D – Urdu/Hindi Tutorial

This is a Unity 3D Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi for beginners. It teaches you how to make the 3D Labyrinth puzzle game in less than an hour.

This tutorial video is on YouTube right now.

You can try playing the game right here in the borwser. Just click this link at:

You can also download the Android version of the game from:

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The topics covered in the tutorial are:

  • Introduction to Unity
  • How to setup a unity scene
  • How to handle 3D objects
  • How to group objects
  • How to add image textures to 3d objects
  • How to create and apply materials
  • How to start writing C# script
  • How to use script to rotate an object
  • How to handle keyboard input
  • How to use accelerometer on mobile as input
  • Introduction to Game Physics
  • How gravity works
  • How to handle object collusion
  • Events to fire with collision
  • Make multiple scenes
  • Game over and You-win scenes
  • How to restart a game
  • How to start making UI
  • How to add UI buttons
  • How to add code to events
  • How to build the game for Windows
  • How to build the game for Android
  • How to build the game for web

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