How to download Youtube videos on Android

Youtube is one of the world’s most popular website and the great idea behind the website is to share, stream and watch videos online. Android phones and devices have an amazing Youtube client and you can watch as much Youtube videos as you want if you are on WiFi network, but if you have an expensive data plan, you’llĀ  definitely feel the need to carry Youtube videos downloaded on the memory card. Well, that’s not right but we have a tool available that does the trick for you.

FREEdi downloader can be used to download Youtube videos onto the memory card of your android device. If you are not a music quality freak, you can also download only the sound out of the Youtube video and build a good collection of music by downloading it from Youtube.

As this is not the intended use of Youtube, the application is no more available from the official Android Market, but some other sites have the ,apk file available for download. If all this sounds interesting, you can click here to download the software.

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