How to increase Nokia N82’s battery life

Stuffing Nokia N95-8GB’s battery into N82

I have this Nokia N-82 black which usually dies down early in the evening due to a poor battery life. I’m sick of carrying an extra battery in my pocket. I’ve been desperate to find a solution.

I remember the days when I bought a Nokia 6300 with similar battery life issues. In stock, it has a poor BL-4c (720 mah capacity) battery. I was able to find a solution of 6300’s poor battery life. Initially I stuffed in my N72’s BL-5C (850 mah) in it, and later my brother gave me his BL-6C from his old N-Gage QD that I had to scrub off a little and that did fit too. A bump up from 720 to 1070 mah. My phone was like running forever on one battery.

Thinking on the same lines for N82, I decided to look around for similar sized batteries from different devices. Unfortunately I did not find a perfect match. E-51 had exactly the similar battery as N82, that is BP-6MT (1050 mah). That was really depressing for me. E-51 with a smaller screen, no xenon flash, no GPS, 2 mega-pixel camera has the same battery? Come on Nokia, that’s not fair at all!

Then I grabbed that N-95 8GB, pulled off the battery cover and there it is, BL-6F. My observations? Both of them have same voltage as expected, 3.7 volts.

Interestingly, the connectors of both batteries are the same.

I know the size of both batteries is quite different, BL-6F being large enough not to fit inside N-82, but i still decided to give it a shot! I stuffed in the bigger battery into my N82. Well it did not fit in there, so I had to hold it to keep it connected to the power connectors. I simply booted it up and walla! it boots up great. This video shows the process:

Note: Don’t try at home, or do at your own risk. We don’t take any responsibility of any kind of damage to your equipment.

That sure boots up N82 on a 1200 mah battery but using it with this battery is virtually impossible. You can tape it, glue it and an Ugly phone may end up running with this battery, but its not going to be a proper solution.

For normal use, I carry an extra battery but that’s really a pain. If you have any solution to the problem, do let me know.

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