Intel – Hyper Threading Technology

Intel Processor Comparison – Part 4 or 16

Intel’s Hyper threading technology dates back to the days of the single core processors. Intel’s single core processors initially got the capability of running two threads at the same time instead of running two processes in parallel. This can be a tricky fact and we’ll compare threads and processes in the next section. Hyper threading technology is useful and has continued to be available off an on in the newer processors as well.

This article is part of a series of articles listed below

  1. Intel Processor Comparison – Introductio
  2. Want a faster PC, get more RAM firs
  3. Processor Flashback
  4. Hyper Threading Technology
  5. Difference between Thread and Process
  6. Difference between Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad
  7. Difference Between Core 2 Duo and Core i3
  8. Difference Between Core 2 Quad and Core i5
  9. Intel Turbo Boost Technology
  10. Difference Between Core i3 and Core i5
  11. Difference Between Core i5 and Core i7
  12. Differences Between Core 2 and Core i Technologies
  13. Difference Between FSB and DMI
  14. Difference Between Smart Cache and L2 Cache
  15. Processor Comparison Bottom Line
  16. Processor Comparison Table

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