Learning Python for C++ Developers

Do you know C++ or another programming language and always wanted to start learning Python? This course is for you.

Yes this is my first course on Udemy and a few more are coming soon. The course walks you through the basics of Python, the syntax, the usage with example and tons of exercises and quizzes to help you learn online.

Actually still a lot of universities, colleges and institutes around the world still teach C++ as their first programming language. Once students have learnt C++ for a while, they realize its a good idea to learn Python and that’s where this course comes in to fill the gap.

Course Content

The course starts from very beginning, your first hello world program and then work your way through data representation, variables, strings, numbers, boolean and lists and then move to the control statements, conditions loops and functions. We cover recursion, handling files, exceptoin handling, tuples, dictionaries, sets and we even make graphical user interfaces in Python language.

We put all this to work with useful examples, exercises and quizzes to make it an enjoyable learning experience at your own pace and from the comfort of your home or office. See the course page for detailed course content.

You can take this course on your mobile phone, your laptop or hook it up on your TV.

Drop me a tweet on @basitj if you have a comment, question or suggestion.

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