Make wireless speakers at home – DIY how-to

Today I’ll tell you how you can make your own wireless speakers. Wireless speakers of different sort are available in the market but they are much more expensive as compared to the wired ones. So how do we make a wireless speaker at home? Here we go

Nokia BH-502 bluetooth headset

What do we need to make stereo wireless speakers:

  1. A pair of good old wired speakers, may  be a pair that you already have.
  2. A stereo blue-tooth headset, any cheap one will do.
  3. A basic tool to cut/strip wire
  4. A female 3.5mm stereo connector
  5. A basic wire soldering tool or a tape to hold a twisted wire together

The trick is to use an A2DP based blue-tooth headset, connect it to a wired speaker and you are ready to enjoy wireless music.

Where to get a blue tooth headset

If you have an old Blue tooth headset, you are in luck. If you don’t have one, you are still not out of luck. Stereo blue tooth headsets are not that expensive and you can buy a cheap variant here. Luckily I had a used Nokia BH-502 blue tooth headset that I have used for this tutorial.

How to connect the female jack to the headset

This process depends on which headset you are using. I used a Nokia headset that was easily to open using a screwdriver. I simply removed the foam covering on the earpiece and opened three screws to expose the audio wires. If you have a different headset, all you have to do is to find the wire that connects to the both ear pieces. Warning: You may have to cut the plastic, metal or whatever body parts of your headset and you will eventually render your headset useless as a headset after this.

You need a pair for left ear and one for the right ear. Usually the wiring has a left channel wire, right channel wire and a common that connects to both ears.

Same is the case with the stereo 3.5mm female jack, you have a left, right and a common. You simply have to disconnect the wires from the ear pieces and connect to the 3.5 mm jack, hence the audio received by the blue tooth headset will be redirected ot the wire. Later you can connect a pair of wired speaker to the 3.5mm jack.

In most of the cases, the wiring in the headset is very very thin and handling the wires and soldering them is difficult. You can also leave the wires intact and connect the 3.5mm jack to already connected wires. In this case the audio will get directed to both speaker jack as well as the headset tiny earpieces.

Final Steps

Make sure you pack the headset in a box, casing, cover or something that helps avoiding any unintentional wire pull as the headset will be a bit of a wires mesh now :). All you have to do is pair your blue-tooth headset with your audio transmitter that could be your mobile phone or your blue-tooth enabled PC. All the sound that you play on the blue-tooth A2DP sound output will now be available on 3.5mm jack that you can connect to your favorite wired speaker without any direct connection between audio transmitter and the speaker.

Please do share your experience if you try something similar out. Happy untangled life.

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      That’s the whole idea. I use the wireless for my rear speakers. 5.1 is a mess of wires if you run the wires through to the rear ones. I now have both rear speakers running on wireless 😉

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