MCB Announces the launch of millions of branches!

MCB Mobile Banking and Payments – Review

MCB has recently launched their mobile banking and payment solution. It is an Internet based service that runs on your mobile phone’s browser. You can link your MCB account with your phone number and that’s all you need to use the service. The basic set of services provided by the solution are:

How to Sign-Up

If you are an existing MCB account holder, you can simply go to MCB ATM machine and insert your card as usual. You’ll see an option to link your mobile with your account in the menu now. Opt for that, give your mobile number and that’s it. MCB representative will get back to you with the confirmation and will provide you with the Mobile PIN. Mobile PIN is used to log-in to the mobile banking site while ATM pin is also required to make the transactions.

If you are not an existing MCB account holder, you have to grab one account. My recommendation, just go get one, its worth it!

Note: You cannot use this services if you are an MCB credit card holder.

First Login

You can simply go to from your mobile phone and can login by giving your cell-phone number and mobile PIN. The login is straight forward and works on SSL to keep the data you are sending encrypted on the way.

Basic Banking on Mobile
The service allows you to perform your basic banking transactions (except cash transactions obviously). You can check your account balance and view mini-statement. Funds transfer option allows you to transfer funds to any other MCB Mobile user by giving his mobile number (registered with the service) or you can simply transfer funds to any MCB account by giving the full account number. For every financial transaction you will have to enter your ATM PIN.

You can make a number of possible payments using this service. You can purchase mobile top-ups and can send them directly to the phone. You can pay post-paid mobile phone bills. These payments can be made to all mobile networks. You can also pay utility bill payments to a number of electric companies and to nationwide gas and telephone connections.

In addition to mobile and utility payments you can pay your credit card bills and can also donate funds to the Prime Minister’s special relief fund.


Overall mobile site is working over SSL and is as secure as any other Internet transaction. Moreover, it is more secure than paying straight via credit card, as in most transactions we are not using a credit-card or account number.

I have a reason to believe that the service is based on a solution by Fundamo.

Note the word Fundamo in the title!

A walk-through video

For a detailed walk-through, watch the video below. I’ve made a mobile top-up, mobile bill payment, fund-transfer and balance enquiry etc in this walk-through for you.


What you need to get the service:

  • An MCB account and a debit card
  • A basic mobile phone that has a browser and has GPRS activated

The good

  • Simple and easy on basic mobile browser
  • Topup to all mobile networks
  • Bill payment for all mobile numbers
  • Utility bill payment to a number of power companies.
  • All gas and telephone bills payable
  • Secure over SSL and SMS alerts to inform the user of an un-authorized login/transaction.
  • No need to go to a branch to sign-up like other services.
  • No need to download a software
  • I really like the quick-pay option so that you can save your frequently paid bills and add people who you regularly transfer funds to.

The bad

  • Well, the service is very slow at times, very slow as compared to normal mobile sites. On a second thought it is acceptable assuming it is because of the secure transactions and encryption.
  • Cant transfer funds to other banks. (App says coming soon).
  • Cannot use MCB credit card as a payment instrument.
  • A few transactions failed or may be timed out. They can be teething problems but still are very irritating at times.

MCB Mobile is a winner by all means. You cannot call it a killer app as this stuff is not new in the market anymore but it reaches the top with the fact that its easy, convenient, ubiquitous, reliable and last but not least, very secure. Simply go to, search for your nearest branch, go get an account and sign up for the service. Happy mobile banking!

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