Michael Schumacher is back in the red car

This is certainly the News-Of-The-Year for me and a big number of Formula 1 fans out there. Ferrari has announced that Michael Schumacher will replace injured Felipa Massa for next few races, and you can see the star back in action as early as weekend starting on 20th August. For this to materialize, Schumacher will have to go through some special training program and he will be racing till Massa will be fit enough to take back the racing wheel in his hands.

This all started as a result of an unfortunate accident during Hungarian grand prix-qualifying round. Ferrari’s driver, Felipa Massa’s car went out of control and hit deep into the tyre barrier in Q2 of his qualifying lap. Massa is out of danger but still hospitalized.

Michael Schumacher has been seven-time world champion. He retired at the end of 2006 season but his association with Ferrari team has continued. For many people including me, F1 season has been a bit of a put-off so far, but the return of this guy in the red-car will not only bring back millions of fans back to following F1, but I’m sure they’ll all be cheering for one of the red cars on the track.

This German driver has not only been 7 times world champion, but he got poll position 68 times, and has won 91 out of his total 250 career races.

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