My power bill on the rise

Either LESCO has gone crazy or I’ve forgot my high school maths. I got my electricity bill and without calculating I could see that it was wrong. Well yes, LESCO tariff has changed and electricity cost has increased as per government announcements, but even with the higher expected costs, following case is not acceptable.

Following is a snippet of a correctly calculated bill. (This is a few months old bill).

If you cant read the calculation, it is 100 x 3.080 + 200 x 2.080 + 599 x 6.53.
That totals to 5035 and is correctly stated on the bill (second value from top left).

Now my current bill comes and the unit details are as follows:

Again the calculation goes like:
100 x 3.750 + 200 x 4.910 + 700 x 7.36 + 166 x 8.62
This is equal to 7939.

Well, the bill is actually showing 9362. Thats over-charging worth Rs. 1423. Well, this is just the electricity cost, and the actual payable is after putting taxes and surcharge on top of this.

This is insane. Can somebody solve the myth and tell me why 7939 is equal to 9362 in my bill?

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