My prize. I won Nokia Free Hands Challenge

Thanks to Nokia Free Hands challenge , Darla Mack who told me about this challenge and a big number of people including my family and friends, I have won a Nokia N82 and a Nokia BH-902 Handsfree. I just received a DHL with my gift and I’m right on top of this world right now.

This is the first time ever that I have won any gift in any competition. The gift contains a hand-written card congratulating me and above mentioned box packed gifts.

The challenge was all about uploading your original videos that show how you can utilize your free hands. I uploaded the video and asked everyone I knew, to vote for it. My video was the first one to win the weekly challenge and here is my reward. This is not only a reward for the competition but my years long association with Nokia as a loyal customer and a die-hard supporter.

The phone, its a black Nokia N82 with all the features you can find on its specs site. Its a great feature-packed phone and I’ll continue posting about it. The other gift is a Nokia BH902. Its a cute little thing and I’m already in love with it.

Once again, thanks Nokia, thanks Darla and thanks a lot all of my voters.

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