N-Gage One review

I just downloaded One on my N-Gage and could not live without writing about it here. It’s an amazing game with crisp and clean 3D Graphics, amazing music and sound effects and a game play that is simply a breeze. One has proved to be a star in all aspects. Game-play, 3d Graphics, Characters, backgrounds, music, sound effects, menus and ease of use.

You can play and download the demo for Free. You can play the demo game in 3 different venues against 7 possible opponents. You have all the basic options like turning the sound on/off, optimizing game by changing graphics options and changing controls.

When starting a game you can select your opponent, your venue, number of fight rounds, duration of each round, difficulty and whether the game is ranked or not. While fighting the round, you will enjoy every moment of the fight. There are no hick-ups, no lags and a very simple two button fighting control. You can capture screen shots during the game. Yes, the shots on the right are taken on my N-82. You can not only change the controls during the game but you can also change the language and can set the music and sound volume.

In short its a great addition to the n-gage family of games. I will try to find an n-gager to try a multiplayer on bluetooth to evaluate that aspect as well. Till then, go! n-gage One.

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