National Anthem, Return of Cricket and Peace

Cricket comes back to Pakistan
Cricket returns to Pakistan, Pakistan vs Zimbabwe in Lahore

I was there, when the historic moment was happening right here in Lahore, the day when International cricket returned to Pakistan, returned to Lahore, returned to Gaddafi Cricket Stadium. Can you imagine, some 27000 people singing the  national anthem? Paksitan’s national anthem sung with their hearts and lungs out, the passionate Lahoris were so organized, so disciplined, so very positive that I couldn’t believe myself.

The scenes were amazing, the passion was great, the mood was festive, both the lights and the smiles were bright and the message was clear. We want peace, we want to defeat the negativity and we are a peaceful positive nation. Come visit us, anyone, everyone.

I must take time to appreciate the efforts of the security staff. We usually are not appreciative of efforts by Police, but not only they provided fool proof security, did everything they could to make it a safe event but also they were very friendly and courteous which is usually not the image of police officials, both officers and common staff. Both thumbs up to police and security staff.

When the match was about to start, there were national anthems of both teams. I ended up recording Pakistani national anthem only. Why don’t you check out the video to see for yourself? Whole national anthem by 27000 or more Pakistanis.
Pakistan National Anthem being sung by 27000… by basitj

This match not only brought back international cricket to Pakistan, but it also brought back a lot of nostalgia for me. I was there in the same stadium, same stand, same huge crowd back in 1996 when Australia played against Srilanka, yes the ODI World Cup Cricket Final right here in Lahore. What a festive Lahore it was, what a festive Lahore it is today.

That’s enough written in this post, I must close the post by saying:

Long live Peace, Long live Pakistan, Pakistan Zindabad!