Need for speed – The craze goes on with NFS SHIFT

The new Electronic Arts game from Need For Speed series is scheduled to be released on 24th of September 2009. Need For Speed Shift is another car racing game for NFS enthusiasts. NFS is not just a game. Its a craze and a whole generation of crazy youngsters have grown with NFS. I still remember back in 1995 when I got my hands on to the first game of this series, and since then, this fever has never seen a downfall.

Every NFS comes with a great accompanying website and goodies as well. For example, last year, with the launch of NFS Undercover, EA launched an accompanying online real time racing game right on their website.

This year, NFS SHIFT website features a demo video that features you yourself. No kidding, I just mean it. You get to see yourself walking out of the pit, put on your helmet, sit in your own race car and there you go on the track. Media men are taking your photos, kids are clapping, pit crew is helping your way and pit babes are taking your autographs. You can see the screen shots from my video below:

My own car in the pit lane with my name printed on the door

Yeah that’s my name on the board there

And she actually came with my own photograph and I signed it for her.
Note: Don’t upload your photo for a bit more fun đŸ˜‰

You can also go to their website, enter your name, upload your photo and watch the magic video. There’s a scene in the pit and then a whole race scene that you don’t win eventually. Enjoy!

I’ll post you guys when the demo is available for download.

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