Need for speed – Under Cover : First Impressions

This morning, I drive to my office in my old car but I don’t know why, I feel I’m driving a new Porsche, I can see a map on the bottom left of my wind-screen, I can see a speedometer on my right, I can see a cop-car’s flashing light in my back view mirror and I try to find the camera-key to switch from in-car view and then I realize, I’m not driving in NFS.

NFS is back with a brand new game with a brand new name that brings all the craziness and fun that has been there in all hot-pursuit based NFS games, and this one is nothing different. Initially I was a little disappointed to find that this game is nothing but a Most-Wanted-again, though I’ve been sick of Carbon and ProStreet and return of Most-Wanted style is a big welcome for me. Thank god we are not driving at night on mirror like roads as well.

Honestly, if you are looking for something new, believe me you don’t need anything new in this game. Grab a ride, find a competition and get rolling on the street-race track. The good thing about UnderCover is, you don’t waste time on useless things, you don’t waste time finding races, you don’t waste time scrolling menus, you don’t waste time even watching the intro video, its so cool that your intro video ends up with you, driving your first race and evading your first cop-chase.

The free-roaming world of UnderCover is a really Huge city with a lot of different areas and the area I like the most are the pretty high-rise buildings, EA has spent some serious time designing them and have quite rightly showed them off well , during some intro clips before race starts or the story takes a new twist.

As usual, I have not tried an online mode as yet and will let you know when I do so. As far as I know, we are not going to have a demo version for this game so you gotta go find your full copy to experience the fun.

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