Nokia 7705, Another Weird design or the future of QWERTY Nokias?

Nokia has been known for its innovation and in trying out things, they don’t hesitate. Launch of Nokia 7705 has come in a big way and the swivel keyboard, small size and cool design makes it very attractive. How usable is the phone itself, we cant say till we get to use it.

Fans, please note. This handset is coming exclusive on Verizon, at least for now.

The feature set in addition to the design has nothing special but its not disappointing as well. Following are a few highlights:

  • 2.4 inch QVGA screen
  • Full QWERTY keyboard for great text and email experience.
  • The big ring that works as the alert light in multicolor.
  • 3.0 Mega pixel auto focus camera
  • Good old 3G network support

Historically, Nokia has been launching unique and creatively designed handsets. Some of them were totally flop and other did not lose it at least. I’ve been a big fan of a few of them as well.

The first weird looking nokia I saw was Nokia 5510. That was probably the first ever QWERTY nokia that was ugly to look at but great for sending SMS.

Then came smarter phones and probably first series 60 Nokia was quite weird looking, especially the keypad. See for yourself, its Nokia 3650:

Typing on Nokia 3650 was a nightmare. Rest of it was heaven.

On the same platform, Symbian Series 60, Nokia launched their gaming consoles named N-Gage and N-Gage QD but the series then got discontinued. They were pretty decent as a gaming device and even other usage, but as a phone they looked quite odd:
You may come up with a few more examples as well but the most Bizarre looking phone I’ve ever seen is Nokia 7600. Its ugly to look at, boring to carry and a nightmare to use.

Finally to close this article, I cant help sharing this advertisement of the new Nokia. Enjoy!

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