Nokia Lumia 1520 mini to be launched soon

Nokia Lumia 1520Do you like a  6 inch screen smartphone? Or is it too big to fit in the pocket or when using it with one hand? Well there are several people who thinks that Nokia Lumia 1520 is too big but are too impressed with its outstanding features. What if Nokia launch a device which is slightly smaller in the size but provide the luxury of same features as Nokia Lumia 1520. The people who want a smaller Nokia Lumia 1520 can have their dream device as Nokia is planning to launch the Nokia Lumia 1520 mini which is rumored to be having 4.3 inch screen, the resolution of the device will be same as Nokia Lumia 1520 mini which is 1920*1020 pixels. The Nokia Lumia 1520 mini will be featuring a 14mp camera and 3000 mAh battery making Nokia Lumia 1520 mini a powerful device. The Nokia Lumia is expected to launch this April. The Window phone 8.1 is coming this April and Nokia Lumia 1520 mini is rumored to be launched just after the release of the Windows Phone 8.1. Will it be featuring Windows Phone 8.1 OS aswell? Only time will tell.