Nokia’s Almighty Cameraphones’ Shutter speeds . . .

Nokia N95 and N82 have undoubtedly been best camera phones Nokia has ever made. Shutter speeds or exposureduration makes a lot of difference when taking photos in all light conditions. Due to different types of flash units on these two handsets, they have different shutter timings. Shutter is open for longer duration on N95 to capture all the information under its LED flash. On the other hand N82 has a very short shutter timing that gives real sharp pictures, thanks to Xenon flash on it.

Following photos show the difference. This fan was running as fast as it can. First shot was taken using N95-8GB.

This second shot was taken using N82. Yes, the fan was running on fastest.

Alot has been said to prove N82’s supremacy over all other cameraphones and above is my bit to add to it.

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