Get OnePlus One without an invite


Just one summarised line of praise.

OnePlus One is a brilliant phone. And such an amazing phone with great value for money is a rare combination.

It’s also tough to get hold of it due to limited availability via invites only. This is going to be your chance to buy this exclusive piece of technology without an invite. image

Just 20 hours left till the pre order session begins on their website. This will be a one hour window when you can pre order a phone for yourself without an invite. So go ahead and order the device today.

Make sure you have planned things well ahead of time.

* Make sure you have an account on their site.

* Make sure you have money in your PayPal. They take PayPal payment only.

* Make sure you are in a country where they ship. Best of luck for preorder hour starting at 15 GMT on 27 October 2014.