Playbook has Email Now!


Yesterday, there were only two types of tablets that could not check email, one was Playbook and the other was Aspirin ( ROFL). And today, the basic feature set of the PlayBook tablet by Research In Motion is complete.


Playbook OS 2.0 Screenshot

The good news comes with the public release of BlackBerry Playbook OS 2.0 and the new features are:

* A native messages client that supports:
—* Email Messages
—* Facebook Messages
—* Twitter Messages (DM)
* LinkedIn Messages
* Integration with the native Contacts
* A native contacts app that can sync with your email contacts and Facebook etc
* A native calendar app that could sync with your email calendar and other social calendars etc
* A new virtual keyboard with auto correct and predictive text input
* A print-to-go app which sends documents and other printable stuff from your PC to the Playbook over LAN
* A new good looking App World
* An improved video chat
* An improved office editing app that lets you edit documents and worksheets on the go
* An improved more stable browser
* Support for Android Apps (That are published on app world). Means, a great rich set of apps flocking App World already
* Better BlackBerry Bridge
* Better BlackBerry Balance
* A brand new file-browser
* Capability of home screen folders and horizontally swipe-able screens
* Better support for Blue-tooth Mouse
* Improved Presentation mode over HDMI

And the list is still not over. I’m not gonna tell you all, you have to download the update and see for yourself.

You must see an update notification in your notification area already. If you cant find the notification, go to your settings, click software updates and tab “Check for Updates” button.