Poll: How many phones do you carry?

This poll going on at Nokia conversations has eye-opening results so far. This is a location independent poll and the results show that the number of people carrying two phones is almost the same as the number of people carrying one. This has a different meaning in different parts of the world. You can also cast your vote by visiting this poll here.

Results So Far

Why do people carry more than one phone?

Different features in different handsets
Some people carry more than one phone because they don’t find all the features in one phone that they really want. One phone has the nice camera and the other has wifi, one has push email capabilities and the other has a nice music player. The list is never ending and a lot of people own more than one set for this reason.

Different service providers
Countries like Pakistan where tel-co competition is fierce and each service provider is giving attractive packages that fit different needs, carrying two handsets is a natural choice. SMS is cheaper on one package, data is cheaper on another and voice on yet another. People buy two connections and carry two handsets. This is definitely the market segment dual sim phone manufacturers should target.

Work and Office numbers
Some people have a personal phone and a work phone. They carry both and want to keep things separate for both these connection. Its a wise idea not to reveal your personal phone number during work in some circumstances.

International Travel
People who have handsets under contract, locked to their networks, have very expensive international roaming or don’t get international roaming at all in some parts of the world will have to carry more than one sets in one situation or another.

Any other reasons?
If you have any other reasons for carrying more than one mobile phones, please do comment and let us know.

Will dual-sim phones solve the issue?
Carrying more than one phone, for sure, is not desirable. If you could somehow carry just one phone will make your life much more simple. One of the solutions is a dual-sim phone. So, in case you have two sims for home and office, have different packages, or get to travel with two connections, dual sim will solve your issue. But in case you are looking for lots of features that cannot be found in just one phone, this dual sim we are talking about should be a feature intensive phone. Moreover, battery life will continue to be an issue.

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