PSP Phone on its way

PSP Android Phone by Sony Ericsson
PSP Android Phone by Sony Ericsson

PSP gamers can now rejoice as they do not have to carry a cellphone as well as a PSP. SonyEricssson’s android based gaming console mobile phone has been spotted as posted by this Mobile Crunch post.

The device clearly runs on Android OS and has a slide out controller. I really like the idea as I always hated the slide out keyboard on droid, while the on-screen keyboard is a breeze. PSP phone is expected to download the games that run on this device off an independent game-store, which possibly means that this device will have two different app-stores. PSP (whatever) store for games and android market for normal android apps and games.

PSP Gaming phone with Android

I’m sure these early shots are showing just an early version and the keypad etc will get better with time and the actual release will have a better game-pad section. No release dates, model numbers or other information is available except the fact that it will have a 1Ghz Qualcomm processor, 512 MB ram, 1GB Rom and a Micro SD slot.

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