Red-Alert 3 First impressions

Red-Alert lovers, RA3 is here to fill your hearts with joy. As far as I’m concerned, I was not expecting much from this long awaited game. Quite surprisingly, it has gone beyond my expectations. Red-alert 3 is a great game that is a lot of fun to play. You may not find it to be an eye-candy like Generals or Company of Heroes but it has a lot to offer that makes it more of a sequel of Red-Alert 2 rather than any other game. The units, armies, game-play, sounds and voices and usual game-plot, all work hand in hand to make it a great RA2 sequel and make it a great game that is loads of fun to play.

We do have usual soviet and allied armies and now we have a third army that belongs to the nation of rising son. The game story, quite intentionally has been kept far away from real world issues and political frames to avoid any problems. There are no confusing details to start with and then there is a lot of in depth strategy you have to exercise to master the battlefield. Units behave really intelligent at times and very dumb on other occasions. That’s why you don’t feel left out as a commander 🙂 . So many interesting units to talk about including amphibious transports that can eject infantry from a cannon onto enemy’s territory, amphibious attack units that are both attack boats in water and firing robots on ground and a miner that can graze both in water as well as on land.

The new cooperative mode is a great thing to have. You have an assisting co-commander on the battlefield with his/her own army having the same objectives but might be following different strategy. You can boss around with the co commander and can ask him to move or accompany you on certain attacks or moves. You can share funds with the co commander’s army and can build near his base too.

This really makes the game a lot more fun. You co commander can either be a computer controlled army or you can ask anyone online to join as your co commander to play the mission. I have yet to try out the online version and the skirmish battles, but the campaign is no doubt really addicting.

If all above sounds tempting and you have not tried the game yet, you can either rush to the store to buy a copy or you can download a 1.8Gb demo from the official demo site.

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