S60.com is gone for good!

For all the S60 lovers out there, this is a shocking news that S60.com is gone, gone forever. This is not as shocking as it sounds because it is an obvious aftermath of Nokia’s takeover of Symbian platform. Nokia has the largest installation base of Symbian S60 and it has eventually taken it over earliest this year.

This necessarily means, Nokia has more control over S60 now and things are moving very fast on Symbian front. The next generation OS code-named Symbian ^2 is already cooking in the labs and will start beta testing later this month. Retail stores will have devices with Symbian ^2 as early as beginning 2010. That’s not far. More interestingly, a few devices like Nokia’s N97 are already capable of running Symbian ^2 and may be simply upgraded to the new OS if Nokia plans to do so. A firmware update, and there you go Symbian ^2
Further plans list existence of Symbian ^3 that will contain ScreenPlay technology for UI design and will be available in commercial products by end of 2010 and two to three quarters after that we’ll have Symbian ^4. Things are really moving fast at Symbian labs. Following video shows ScreenPlay technology found in future Symbian OS.

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