Save water, save electricity

To manage the current energy crisis in Pakistan, we need to save electricity. If the load-shedding has disappeared all of a sudden, does not mean that we have enough energy to spend. Why did load-shedding end all of a sudden is another question, but when you are at home, what you can do to save electricity in general?

There are common practices to follow. Use only those electricity applicances that are needed. Turn the lights off when there’s no one in the room. Switch off the TV if you are not watching it etc. And then there are installation related tips like replace older bulbs with energy saver fluorescent bulbs or tube lights, replace older fans, use motion sensors switches, make sure your AC, Freezer and Fridge has a correctly working thermostat.

One aspect that is usually forgotten and overlooked is the consumption of water. No-matter you are using river water, tube-well water or its coming in a water tanker, you have to save water. In urban areas where you never have to go to the well or pond to fetch water, we stop realizing that how tough it is to have access to clean water. In addition, we keep wasting water without thinking that it is actually going to waste electricity. In most of the cases water is pumped to the utilization tanks and home reservoirs using electric motors, and they make a major percentage of your electricity bill. More-over, if your water supply is coming in a truck/tanker, you are making someone burn some fuel to bring that. Yes you are paying for it, but you will pay less if you waste less water.

I’m not going to preach how you can save water, you know that better. The bottom-line is to save the resources and use them for a better purpose.

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