Screen Brightness N95 vs N82 vs Blackberry 8310

I’ve been using Blackberry 8310 for a few weeks now. I got my new Nokia N82 and I was sure I’m going to forget about my BB once I start using it. Unfortunately that’s not the case. There are several reasons that make me carry my Blackberry along with my other handsets. This video has 3 phones playing the same video. N95-8gb on the top, N82 below that and Blackberry 8310 on the bottom. Well, the video does’nt show it that well but with naked eye, it is very obvious that Blackberry’s screen has the highest brighness and contrast levels and delivers the best video experience among all the three phones.

All these phones have 320 x 240 resolution and the screen sizes are slightly different. Assuming N82 with the smallest screen among the three, I expected it to deliver the sharpest video output, though it has disappointed me greatly because of a very low brightness. So, Blackberry 8310 is the brightest, N95-8Gb is the runner up and N82 is the loser.

I do watch movies on these screens at times but the conversion process takes a lot of time. Untill you use any tricks or third party software, the provided software need you to keep the phone connected all the time while your PC is converting the video. That’s insane.

Can somebody reocommend me a better software for such video conversion tasks?

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