skyfire is out in public beta now.

I’ve been waiting for its public beta and here it is. Skyfire is an upcoming mobile browser that claims to be a media capable mobile browser that will bring the PC-Web to your mobile with the very same experience.

Its available for Windows Mobile and Symbian so far. Even its an open public beta now, it is still registering only US users. Even in closed beta, I’ve come to know that it they have allowed only US residents to test it.

Well, me being a less privileged non-US resident cant use it. I got a copy for my symbian phone and installed it but now I need a login and password tied to my US cell number to test it. So only thing I could see is a skyfire logo and that’s it. Can anybody lend me their US email/password combination so that I can try it out?

A review will follow, as soon as I get hold of a login/password for the thing.

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