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Karachi Emergency Numbers

If you are in Karachi and are looking fro emergency numbers, here they are in no particular order: Police Emergency: 15 Ambulance: 115 Fire Brigade Center: 16 Edhi Blood Bank: +92 21 445105, +92 21 452815 St.John Ambulance: +92 21 7210600 / 500 Civil Hospital (Casualties): +92 21 7729719 Bomb Disposal: +92 21 2416626 Edhi […]

BlackBerry App World and BIS working in Pakistan now!

Yeah, that’sso cool, BlackBerry App World as well as BlackBerry Internet Services – BIS is fully operational in Pakistan now. I’ve checked it both on Ufone as well as Mobilink. I can download both paid and free apps on my phone and playbook now. This means you’ll be reading more reviews of cool new BlackBerry […]

Geo.tv is down

Geo.tv is a popular Pakistani news website. The site is found to be down with a message saying “Service not available”. ** Edit: 1:30pm local time (+5GMT) We found Geo.tv to be down around 1pm and it’s been half an hour the website is down on web, on mobile and all other feeds.

Facebook completely translated to Urdu

. Look what I got in my notifications on Facebook today. Facebook says it has been completely translated into Urdu and now just some fine tuning is needed. Makes me proud as an Urdu speaker. Users who have opted to help Facebook in translations get such messages and you can either translate untranslated phrases and […]

Will PTCL slash Internet prices this 14th August?

Here it is again, 14th August, Pakistan’s independence day. PTCL historically has been slashing Internet bandwidth prices on 14th August. I really wish they do it this time as well especially when they’re offering a 50 Mbps connection, it’ll be great to pay half the price. While their customer support and technical support has usually […]