Things to do on Pakistan Day

Wishing you all a very happy Pakistan Day. It is important that we spend this day doing something positive for the country, even a small thing?


Things you can do today:

* Pray for the country, just close your eyes and pray to the Almighty to protect our country and help it progress.

* Send a text message, email, IM, bbm or even call to wish your friends and family a happy Pakistan day (the way we do on other important days)

* Go attend an event signifying 23rd March and Pakistan. For example, if you are in Lahore, go attend the world record making of the largest painting of the world, EVER! . You can find details of the event at this link.

* Listen to a patriotic song, even if you are not fond of it. This Youtube search may help.

* Pray Fatiha for the Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal and all other leaders and freedom fighters who made all this happen and are not among us now.

* Be part of a movement, project, drive, group or activity that is trying to help progress of Pakistan. As an example  you can join the One Rupee Project at

* If you can, go educate a child or two. That will be the best help you can do to the country. The results may show up after years but imagine if all of us start educating one child (in addition to our own children) , how will that impact the country?

Please do think and act. May Allah make our country prosper and give it strength.

Pakistan Zindabad!