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From Megabyte to Terrabyte – A walk down memory lane

It was just like yesterday when I booted a PC using a 1.2 megabyte floppy disk. Things have been moving real fast and I just got my hands onto my 2 terabyte disk a few weeks back. It’s quite a coincidence that both the disks I’m talking about were external disks. A 1.2 megabyte external […]

Get 20 GB in Rs. 3.33 per month – Google slashes storage prices

Google continues to reflect the cost drop in storage prices and they have dropped their storage costs. Most of the users already enjoy huge Gmail inbox and other services like Picasa photo albums. Google has slashed their prices again and you can get 20GB of storage for only $5 per year. That’s cheap! Isn’t it? […]

Memory Myth

I’ve been using different memory cards in different devices. I’ve used MMCs, SD, MicroSD, Sony Memory stick and so on. I never bothered re-checking their capacity and trusted on the label on the card itself. I have been using a 2GB MMC-Mobile in my good old N72 and I never went into the phone’s memory […]